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New France (the Discovering Canada Series)

New France
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Fitzhenry and Whiteside

ISBN: 0773753419
Author: Robert Livesey

It's essential to read a copy of New France (the Discovering Canada Series) a nice children's book. Written by Robert Livesey and the publisher is Fitzhenry and Whiteside. The book was available on bookshelves sometime in 1990. The children's book has 90 pages and it comes with various black & white illustrations. It's 0.29"H x 8.24"L x 8.24"W. It weighs close to 0.47 lbs. To buy a copy at the best price, visit our partners via the link on this page.

Meet several of the brave males and girls who first settled the New World and helped found the colony of New France - Cartier, Marie La Tour, La Salle and Madeleine de Vercheres. Find out how they worked, dressed, ate and survived in their adopted land. Read in regards to the King's Daughters, who came over from Europe on Bride's Ships, and about the powerful seigneurs, who ruled vast domains along the St. Lawrence River.


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