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Life In New France (picture The Past)

Life In New France

Heinemann Library

ISBN: 140344286X
Author: Jennifer Blizin Gillis

An overview of everyday life from 1639-1760 in New France, an area which included parts of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec, as well as parts of several states in what is now the United States.
Your kids will love Life In New France. The author is Jennifer Blizin Gillis and it was published in January of 2003 by Heinemann Library. The child's book is 32 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pictures. The book talks about History.

This book tells regarding the everyday life of men and girls in New France from 1639 to 1760. Lawrence River Valley. This book deals primarily generating use of the colony of Canada, which was the region of land about the St. The colonies were founded by the European country of France, starting in the early 1660s. Its 3 greatest towns were Quebec, Montreal, and Three Rivers. New France was made up of three colonies in North America: Canada, Acadia, and Louisiana. We have illustrated the book with paintings and drawings from colonial times and with artists' ideas of how things looked then.


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