France for Kids



Groundwood Books

ISBN: 0888993978
Author: W. D. Valgardson

Let me share with you a great child's book entitled Frances. Written by W. D. Valgardson and it was published sometime in 2002 by Groundwood Books. The book is 172 pages long.

Frances lives in a beach town on Lake Winnipeg, the center of Manitoba's Icelandic community. Her family has lived in the town since Icelandic immigrants settled there in the late 1800s. “ A splendid addition for the numerous intergenerational stories and a lot of other fine books in which characters explore their household trees. The entries are written in Icelandic, and the pages are torn, moldy, and blurred. One day Frances finds an old journal. A friendship grows between them because the story with the journal unfolds. Yet Frances can't bring herself to throw it away. In the end, Frances learns to use the past to navigate a future which will take her full circle — back to the land of her ancestors. It's a tale of love, hardship, scandal, and a group of mysterious stowaways — the story of Frances's great-great-grandparents. ” — School Library Journal Frances digs into her past and uncovers more than 1 particular family secret. At the neighborhood old folks home, Frances finds a cranky, ailing man who agrees to help her read the journal.


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